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Device Lifecycle Management

We’ll help you manage the lifecycle of all your devices and offer upgrade or replacements options as needed. We’ll help improve your workforce’s efficiency by selecting the most appropriate device that will meet the needs based on your use case.


Device Upgrades

With today's devices allowing your users to do more, assessing the use case for each user is crucial to help prevent overspending. We evaluate the purchase and use case and make recommendations based on your company’s device policy. All upgrades that require administration approval will then be sent for approval before processing.


Technology Recommendations

When it comes to improving your device’s technology, timing is really important. Our experts can recommend when to upgrade and when to simply repair or replace your device. Often times, newer device models may be launching and waiting for a price drop on the current model may make more sense than upgrading. Our experts will make recommendations on the best technology and when to obtain it to get the best value.


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