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GPS Tracking Solutions

Now more than ever before, knowing where your users are can be the difference between a sucessful business or a failed one.

Our industry leading GPS Solution enables you to track any device or asset.

We offer a variety of solutions from simple software that can be added to your smartphones to fully installed hardware that can track your assets.

Our GPS soluttions can be customized to fit your company's needs.


Track your smartphones, Tablets or any asset from anywhere any time!

Our easy to use tracking dashboard gives you detailed information on your devices including real time location, speed, direction and tracking history.


Remotely login from any device to view in real time

Login from your smartphone, Tablet, desktop or any device and view all your devices or assets in real time.


Breadcrumb view with Geofencing

Get a breadcrumb view of where your devices/assets have been all day with stops and duration on one screen. Easily set a parameter on a map and get alerts text or email alerts when your users travel outside this area.


Keep track of engine hours, fuel, distance and vehicle maintenance

Get reports of your asset's engine hours to allow you to make costs estimates on your projects. Setup vehicle maintenance alerts and get notified via text or email when certain thresholds are reached. Get motion alerts on your assets if motion is detected when not in use to help you track down a lost or stolen asset.


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